Christmas gift

Jane Eleni has the most wonderfull idea how to reuse your childrens favorite drawings. I am considering to seriously send some of my sons art to her to make one of these collages that are so decorative for any room in your home and what a great why to ‘save’ a memory. Hang it on the wall!!!!



Jane Eleni is also a talented interior designer. Go and visit her home page and you will get inspired!


Shop – La DE Dah Kids

Roaming the blogs I just found out about this lovely on-line shop from down under called  La De Dah Kids that makes tons of super cute things in croshet for your baby! I am in love with the blue and white stripes: the bucket for Milos toys would just be perfect and the little stripe monkey for hugs and the rug for under his bed. Yes I can just see it in front of me……Christmas is soon right?

la de dah kids


source: decor8