Christmas gift

Jane Eleni has the most wonderfull idea how to reuse your childrens favorite drawings. I am considering to seriously send some of my sons art to her to make one of these collages that are so decorative for any room in your home and what a great why to ‘save’ a memory. Hang it on the wall!!!!



Jane Eleni is also a talented interior designer. Go and visit her home page and you will get inspired!


Teddy bears

My oldest son got from his grandparents when he was a born a teddybear named Alfred. He was chosen and stuffed with love and he even has a red woolen heart beating inside his now rather worn teddy bear body. Indeed all the teddybears around the world has been very much loved – a safe home when the night comes and it is time to sleep. Someone who will allways protect you agains all evil, especially the monster under the bed.

The other day I found these portraits photographed by Mark Nixon of much loved teddy bears that has now become a book and thought to share them with you. I am thinking to make one of Alfred as well. He deserves it!


Tom O’Connor Jr - Beary

Source: Honestly WTF