Some new items on our Etsy shop!

All slumbering fans out there 😉 we have new items up on our Etsy shop. Come check out the birdie bodie, the airplane hat or the 2 piece. Yeah!


Manos a la obra!

Un día cualquiera, empezamos a estampar …. cosas bonitas, pequeñas diseñadas con el sentimiento y el sentido. Desde la ilusión. Desde los sueños.

No todos los días son iguales. Unos los pintamos, otros nos los pintan.

Hoy esas manos delicadas, verdes, verdes como la esperanza, me han pintado en la cara una preciosa sonrisa que ha durado toooodo el día.

Qué grande es compartir, qué grande es tener amigos. Disfrutad de ellos, pintan días de color mañana!!


LONNY MAG summer issue it out!

For some inspiraition or just total relax – this is the new LONNY june july issue. Oh such pleasure and such pain. So many things are only avaible in the state: like west elm. I really need an WEST ELM over here. Please come, pretty please!


Working on it

It seems like our creatif mood is back. We will have another reunion soon and hopefully some more new things for the Etsy store. And not only – Bego’s kidswear shop in Barcelona is selling out our handprinted items so we need urgently to fill up the stock! Im so happy!

Have to buy color tomorrow…have to put that on my list. Also i want to try my tie-dye kit i bought from India. Some pretty cutions might come out of that. Lets see if i can show some photos soon.

But for today i leave you with these pretty flowers in this pretty wase. Would like to paint those flowers on a huge canvas and hang above my sofa in the living room.