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I’m always hearing about people wanting the outcomes and rewards of other people’s hard work, talent , and yes sometimes even luck. But, rarely do I hear someone wanting to mimic their will, their hustle, their resolve. We’re often too focused on the material and forget the substance of a person. Their challenges, upbringing, history , relationships, etc. And these can be good and bad attributes. However, why not covet and lust for the character of others instead of their laurels.

We all want to be the best musicians, artists, chefs, athletes, actors, writers, stylist, bloggers, editors, influencers, models, gallerist, etc. Great, fun and noble shit for the most part, but it’s #veryrare that I hear, “I want to be the best fucking friend I can be, the best fucking dad, the best mom, the best partner, the best damn janitor, the best farmer, the best butcher, etc” The best whatever it fucking is that you can do and thrive at regardless of interest from others and potential acclaim (on and offline). This is what I believe the world is missing”A want of being missed. A lack of fear for the more than likely out come of being completely forgotten. A silent moment of self pride and self-love that comes from doing whatever it is you find the best thing for you to be doing with your time while living.

The beauty will follow.

Cleon Grey of Layon Bone Creative Manifesto 2013’





So the other weekend we participated in the 2d edition of FANTASTIC – the Etsy market by Etsy makers here in Barcelona. This time around it was held at FAD – a great place for venues like this as it usually holds art exhibitions and so forth. We had great time meeting new customers, admiring the work of others and just being out there, in the public. Below some photos of our stand and our items. Some you might not have seen yet in our store. We are slowly updating our shop but it just seems to take forever. Anyhowd do come back to visit as after the weekend we should have more new items.

P1150407 P1150408 P1150412 P1150413



The second time around we will be at the fantastic FAD right in the center of Barcelona: actually oposite to MACBA and CCCB – two of the great modern museums here in town. The event will take place the 30th november – 1st of dicember. The doors open at 11 oclock and closes at 21 hours so you have plenty of time to come shopping your Christmas gifts as organic baby wear ( us! ), cool wall art, beads and jewellery, photography and clothes, items for the home and hand bags etc made by Etsy sellers living and creating here in Barcelona and near by.

Do stop by if you have a minute a two, hang out, drink a beer….

Check out the event on Facebook too!



Showroom local de artistas y artesanos globales de Etsy BCN

El Fantàstic Market se llevará a cabo el sábado 30 de noviembre y el domingo 1 de diciembre, de 11.00 a 21.00 h, en el FAD Barcelona (Plaça dels Àngeles, nº 5-6).
En esta edición, la segunda que se celebra, encontraréis tiendas dedicadas a moda de adultos e infantil, joyería y bisutería, complementos, muebles, fotografía y serigrafía que mostrarán las últimas novedades al público que busca productos originales y creativos.




Christmas gift

Jane Eleni has the most wonderfull idea how to reuse your childrens favorite drawings. I am considering to seriously send some of my sons art to her to make one of these collages that are so decorative for any room in your home and what a great why to ‘save’ a memory. Hang it on the wall!!!!



Jane Eleni is also a talented interior designer. Go and visit her home page and you will get inspired!

Shop – La DE Dah Kids

Roaming the blogs I just found out about this lovely on-line shop from down under called  La De Dah Kids that makes tons of super cute things in croshet for your baby! I am in love with the blue and white stripes: the bucket for Milos toys would just be perfect and the little stripe monkey for hugs and the rug for under his bed. Yes I can just see it in front of me……Christmas is soon right?

la de dah kids


source: decor8


Teddy bears

My oldest son got from his grandparents when he was a born a teddybear named Alfred. He was chosen and stuffed with love and he even has a red woolen heart beating inside his now rather worn teddy bear body. Indeed all the teddybears around the world has been very much loved – a safe home when the night comes and it is time to sleep. Someone who will allways protect you agains all evil, especially the monster under the bed.

The other day I found these portraits photographed by Mark Nixon of much loved teddy bears that has now become a book and thought to share them with you. I am thinking to make one of Alfred as well. He deserves it!


Tom O’Connor Jr - Beary

Source: Honestly WTF

Y así fue el Fantástic Market:

Mucha energía de la buena, productos hechos con las manos y el corazón, un equipo capaz de conseguir un “llenazo” espectacular y sobre todo buen rollo!

Nuestro primer mercadillo ha valido la pena. Gracias Barcelona Etsy Team.

Mejor os lo cuento con imágenes…

Show Must go on!!!



Y aquí un el  Market: